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When:  Thursday 7pm for 4 consecutive weeks. 


Where:  Held indoors at Cheltenham Veterinary Clinic.


Teachers:  Tamara and Stuart of Underdog Training and Behaviour Consulting

*Each class is small and contains up to 6 puppies.


Puppy Requirements:

  • Aged 8 to 16 weeks at the time of enrolment

  • Received their first vaccination

  • Wormed and treated for fleas

  • Must be on a leash and neck collar, head collar or chest harness (no choker chains or click collars please)

Puppy with diploma hat and certificate

Why:  Leading veterinary behavioural specialists currently talk about the importance of early puppy socialisation between 8 and 16 weeks of age.  They consider it as important as early vaccination for a puppy’s health and quality of adult life.  Puppies that have not had early socialisation and training tend to have more trouble interacting with other dogs and people in social situations, and may act aggressively or in a shy manner. Ultimately, this can lead to a life of fearful behaviour and anxiety, for the dog and the owner!


In our Puppy Preschool classes, our dog trainers will teach your puppy how to behave and will arm you with the knowledge to positively train and discipline your puppy.  This is done in a safe, controlled environment without the risk of unnerving threats.  In addition to any specific questions or concerns you may have, the following topics will be covered:

  • Obedience - teaching sit, drop, come, improving self-control and lead training

  • Using approriate rewards and corrections - find out what motivates your puppy!

  • Socialisation - what is it and why is it important

  • Dog body language and dog to dog interaction

  • Puppy problems including jumping, mouthing, chewing, toilet training and more!

  • Building confidence in timid pups and controlling excitability in active pups, environmental enrichment and independence training

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