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Our veterinarians are qualified to implant microchips for your pets.  We use ISO standard microchips, which are the universal microchip. The chip data can be registered with an accredited registry such as Central Animal Records and Australasian Animal Records.  It is a council requirement that all registered pets are microchipped.


We recommend microchipping your pet early in your relationship to ensure rapid return should they become lost.  Benefits of microchipping include:

  • Permanent identification which cannot be removed, unlike a collar

  • Quick to implant via an injection in the consult room

  • Once off implantation which is life-long

  • Nation-wide recognition (in one instance a Victorian pet was found in Queensland after disappearing from his home)

  • Quick animal recovery - all lost animals can be scanned at vet clinics or animal shelters

Man Holding Microchip
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