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Cheltenham Veterinary Clinic stocks many products including:


Food:  Premium pet foods for dogs and cats.  Our primary stock comprises Hill’s Science Diets™ and Hill’s Prescription Diets™.  However, we are usually able to obtain any foods upon your request, typically within 24 hours of ordering.


Treats:  A range of dog and cat treats to promote chewing, dental health and happiness!


Toys:  A selection of excellent toys, personally chosen by our vets, to reduce boredom and promote normal foraging behaviours in dogs and cats.  These can prevent destruction of your house and help manage anxiety.


Preventative medicines:  A range of parasite preventative products (for fleas, intestinal worms, heartworm and flies), skin products (shampoos, conditioners and fatty acid supplements), dental health products (food, treats, tooth paste and tooth brushes) and many more.

When purchasing products for your pets it is important to have the right information so that your good intentions are matched with the ideal product.  We are aware of the huge number of products available for pet owners and such choices can be overwhelming and confusing.  That is why Cheltenham Veterinary Clinic has an open door policy and welcomes your questions and enquiries regarding all things involving animal health.  Please feel free to call 9584 2511, email (, or drop in to discuss your requirements or concerns.

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