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Referral:  Your pet’s health and wellbeing are of utmost importance to us here at Cheltenham Veterinary Clinic.  That is why we incorporate specialist veterinarians into your pet’s health care plan if needed.  We recognise that modern medicine is accelerating at a rapid rate and new techniques and tools are constantly becoming available to veterinarians.  Should our veterinarians encounter a particularly challenging medical or surgical problem with your pet, then this will be discussed with you and a referral can be made to one of Melbourne’s leading specialist veterinarians if required.


Emergency Centres:  If our clinic has closed for the day and you are unable to speak with staff from Cheltenham Veterinary Clinic you will be directed to contact the local 24-hour veterinary emergency centre. 


The contact details are:

Animal Emergency Centre (AEC)

  • (03) 9532 5261

  • 248 Wickham Road, HIghett

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